Established 1907

We specialise in creating quality menthol based confectionary. We were established in 1907 in Boston, England, where we have been to this very day.

Thanks to our dedication to using quality ingredients, we joined the LanesHealth family in 2007. LanesHealth are leaders in providing alternative remedies to many common ailments.

Jakemans has made the journey from England to America just like these famous Bostonians have:

John Cotton (1585-1652) First vicar of Boston Massachusetts

John Cotton was appointed vicar of St. Botolph's Church in Boston, England in 1612. He sailed to America in July 1633 and was ordained as the first vicar of Boston, Massachusetts on October 15, 1633.

Edmund Quincy (1603-1636) Ancestor of United States Presidents

Edmund Quincy came to America with John Cotton in 1633. Quincy lived a short while in America, dying in 1636. He left a son, Lieutenant-Colonel Edmund Quincy, who died in 1698; from him descended, in the male line, Josiah Quincy, Jr., who was very prominent during the revolutionary period; and, in the female line, John Adams, and John Quincy Adams, the second and sixth Presidents of the United States.

Anne Hutchinson (1595-1643) Pioneer of Women's Rights

Anne Hutchinson is considered to be one of the first advocates of women's rights in the New World. She came to America in 1634 and became a very influential and popular figure in the colony assisting new mothers with childbirth.

Her statue can be found outside the New State House in Boston, Massachusetts.

We think the reason for our success is simple: we use the finest ingredients to create a great taste and a product that really works.